Left Turn Yield on Green

July 30, 2013

Driving in the City

What does this sign mean?

Left Turn Yield on Green?

Just another stupid sign!

If you get it at first glance, then you have a mind set of an educated and disciplined driver.   If not, then you might be a STUPID one and should not be driving at all.  Although some knows what this mean but hesitate to execute which is not a bad thing to do.  But please bear in mind that the sign means what it means.  If you still can get at least a jist of the meaning of the sign, then you have to go back to driving school.

A traffic light that has this sign does not have a RED LEFT ARROW LIGHT.  So even though you can’t see the GREEN LEFT ARROW LIGHT and only the GREEN LIGHT is on, by all means you should go LEFT if the incoming traffic is clear.  And please take NOTE “ONLY IF THE INCOMING TRAFFIC IS CLEAR“.  This means if you see an incoming car which is 200 to 500 meters away from the intersection, then you could go left.  For your safety’s sake, don’t play CHICKEN with the incoming traffic.  They still have the right of way.

Please comment if you have violent reactions, mild reactions or just maybe commend on what I wrote.

Thank you very much and DRIVE SAFELY!




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